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Crafting Insights
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Purple Ink Collective is a creative strategy consultancy that uses the power of Social Intelligence & Market Research to align your vision with Audience  Insights,  Culture,  & Innovation.

Rumeka Brown
Chief Creative Officer

Welcome to Purple Ink Collective!  I'm Rumeka Brown, a multi-disciplined creative marketing professional with over 10 years of experience driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies and exceptional creative execution. 

My expertise spans Digital Marketing, MarTech products, Social Intelligence, and Process Implementation, positioning me as a leader in both strategic planning and tactical execution.

My mission is to transform your brand’s vision into innovative strategies that resonate with today’s dynamic market.  By harnessing the power of social listening, we'll take a deep dive into the conversations that shape consumer behavior and cultural trends.

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Purple Ink Collective breaks through the noise To provide your brand with actionable insights


What Is Social Listening?

Social Listening is the analysis of  conversations across social media & web platforms on a topic, product, or brand sentiment to evolve your customer experience.  


Why is Social Listening essential to your brand? 

By understanding what customers are saying about your brand, products, and industry on social media, you can engage with them more effectively with your marketing efforts. 


Is Social Listening a Competitive Advantage?

Yes! Social Listening allows you to stay ahead of competitors by monitoring their activities, identifying market opportunities, and mitigating potential crises before they escalate.


of businesses use insights from Social Listening to drive product innovation and development. Learn More


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Are you facing challenges in understanding your audience sentiment, concepting creative marketing strategies, or perhaps struggling with content resonance? Book 30 minutes FREE for a quick discussion on how we can work on achieving your next creative strategy project. Together, we'll pinpoint the roadblocks and identify the perfect next step tailored to elevate your brand. Book Now


Elevate your digital strategy with precision and confidence. Discover the power of data with our comprehensive Social Listening Analytics, Insights, and Strategy Report. Dive deep into the digital conversation surrounding your brand, uncovering invaluable insights into audience sentiment, emerging trends, and competitor analysis. Our expertly crafted report goes beyond numbers to deliver actionable strategies tailored to enhance your brand's presence and engagement. Learn More


Let's harness the power of this hour to propel your brand forward with actionable insights and tactics! Whether you need to fine-tune your Social Listening tools, optimize paid media campaigns, refine content strategies, or align your brand's messaging for maximum resonance, this intensive session is designed to dissect your current challenges and lean into untapped opportunities. Book Now

Rubik's Cube

This where strategic creativity meets flexibility. Access expert-level creative leadership and guidance tailored to your organization's needs, without the commitment of a full-time hire. Whether you're a startup needing brand strategy or an established firm seeking fresh creative direction, having a Fractional CCO offers invaluable insights and direction. From refining your brand identity to crafting compelling marketing campaigns, this CCO service brings a wealth of industry knowledge to elevate your brand's impact. Learn More

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